Friday, 10 February 2012

Alice In Chains - Unplugged Tab Book Scan

Ok so heres a post i've been looking forward to doing for some time what with me being a pretty huge AIC fan and it doesn't really get much better than their performance on MTV Unplugged (you know , back when there was actual music on there) . It's clear from the video of that performance that Layne Staley really wasn't in the best shape but he still pulled through and put on one hell of a performance and even to this day in my opinion it remains in the top Unplugged sets of all time  .

Pages - 61

Contents  :

1 - Angry Chair
2 - Brother
3 - Down In A Hole
4 - Frogs
5 - Got Me Wrong
6 - Heaven Beside You
7 - Killer Is Me
8 - No Excuses
9 - Nutshell
10 - Over Now
11 - Rooster
12 - Sludge Factory
13 - Would?
14 - Guitar Notaion Legend

I'll leave you with this video of one of my favourite tracks from the show .


  1. Great unplugged video buddy, now following!

  2. Unplugged.... i must admit it, u have amazing taste.
    more like it