Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Time For Some Guitar Education

On the basis that no matter how long you play or have played guitar for it's always been obvious to me that you can never learn enough , even small bits of information can work out being extremely helpful in the long run so before i do the Greenday mega post i thought i'd bring you 3 books that hopefully can help you gain a bit more knowledge about certain aspects of guitar playing . Even if you only take away one small bit of info that somehow only helps you out 10 years down the line then i figure it's worth it .

The Guitar Chord Encyclopedia

Pages - 269 

Simply put ..the more chord you know the further you'll go , combine this with the 3rd book i'm putting up
and you'll be well on your way to hammering out simple songs in no time , even if it's something simple that only uses 3 chords you still made a song and it's a good basis to work up from .

The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar

Pages - 89

Practice makes perfect as they say and having a decent practice/warm up routine before you have a jam session or whatever else will help you out immensley , wether it's chords or scales or arpeggios you need to work on this book will help you get into the right sense of mind when wanting to practice properly.

Understanding Chord Progressions

Now this is where the magic somewhat happens , if you've got the chord progressions memorised then your going to know where to go next and where not to go and when having a jam session or writing a simple song knowing these things will save you a lot of time and make everything a lot smoother . A good example of a chord progessions knows as the Pop- Punk progression was done by an Australian improv act knows as the Axis Of Awesome and it's demonstrated perfectly how many songs have been made with just the same 4 chords , check out the video below to see what i mean .

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  1. Oh man I love these guys, my friend showed me this video once. He asked me if I ever heard of all of the popular songs turned into one.

    Made me lol.