Sunday, 12 February 2012

Time For Some Pop Punk ? ...I Agree.

So this was originally going to the Black Sabbath post but i'm pretty hungover and can't concentrate well enough to get it all sorted out at the minute so hopefully it'll be up later today once i've had some food and feel a bit more human .

Blink 182 - Enema Of The State

I garuntee anyone reading this had heard at least one Blink 182 track in their lifetime , early on in their career they really were the embodyment of pop punk with catchy songs and easy to play riffs and this album inparticular is no exeption spawing 3 really good singles  , What's My Age Again , Adam's Song (which they've since retired from their live set list ) and probobly the one track everyones heard more than most All The Small Things .

Pages - 62

Contents :

1 - Dumpweed
2 - Don't Leave Me
3 - Aliens Exist
4 - Going Away To College
5 - What's My Age Again
6 - Dysentary Gary
7 - Adam's Song
8 - All The Small Things
9 - The Party Song
10 - Mutt
11 - Wendy Clear
12 - Anthem

Small Side Note - Since i've been collecting these tab books this is deffinatly one of the highest quality scans i've come across which is always a big bonus .

Download Link - DepositFiles


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  1. Yay Blink 182! Time to blow the dust off my rusty guitar.